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  • RV Lessons Learned – Florida to Texas – Day 2

    RV Lessons Learned – Florida to Texas – Day 2

    Our first day on the road had lots of RV lessons learned. We’d made it to our site at the Madison RV & Golf Resort late, but okay. After a quick dinner, we went to bed early and dropped right off to sleep, tired but pleased with getting through the day. We woke up cold […]

  • RV Lessons Learned – Florida to Texas – Day 1

    RV Lessons Learned – Florida to Texas – Day 1

    After the RV lessons learned from the previous day’s experiences loading our rig, we were finally hitting the road! The RV Garmin was programmed for each night’s stop, the gas tank was full, and we’d each hit the restroom one last time. RV Lesson: the map is not the territory The day’s goal was the […]

  • Our New RV Rig

    How we found our perfect RV rig. Buying our new RV rig was kind of like answering the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” When you’re buying a new RV rig or upgrading your current rig you need to match the two biggest parts — your tow vehicle and your trailer. If […]

  • Cara Mia!

    The Airstream of our Dreams Everyone’s path to the perfect RV is different. Here’s how we came to own Cara Mia, the Airstream of our dreams. In late 2020, we bought a teardrop camper we named Tibby and had a great time in her over the next few months. It didn’t take too long before […]

  • Why We Got a nüCamp TAB 400 Boondock

    Why We Got a nüCamp TAB 400 Boondock

    I dreamed of touring with a teardrop trailer…

    I actually planned out a route that would take me through the US. It felt like a wonderful plan and I was looking forward to the day that I could make it happen. I didn’t know about the nüCamp TAB 400…

  • Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes

    I love my Brooks Addiction Walker shoes. I started with Brooks running shoes nearly 20 years ago.

    Last year, I had concerns about the possibility of our trip to Europe being ruined

  • One of The Best Reasons
    to Avoid I-95
    and Take A1A

    One of The Best Reasons to Avoid I-95 and Take A1A

    Google maps and Waze will both default to I-95 if you’re traveling north from Daytona, or south from Jacksonville. We’re going to tell you one of the best reasons to avoid I-95 and take A1A instead. It’s Hidden Gem #22, the Turtle Shack Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida… and it’s likely you haven’t heard about […]

  • Michael’s Restaurant
    St. Augustine, Florida

    Michael’s Restaurant St. Augustine, Florida

    It was time to visit Michael’s Restaurant in our quest for a romantic getaway in St. Augustine, Florida. This highly rated restaurant is a favorite of couples looking for a romantic dinner. We were ready to put it to the test. As we’d been to Collage the night before, the bar had been set pretty […]

  • Collage Restaurant
    St. Augustine, Florida

    Collage RestaurantSt. Augustine, Florida

    Back in November we made dinner reservations at Collage Restaurant for our New Year’s trip to St. Augustine. In mid-December, Collage had once again appeared on the Trip Advisor Top 100 List. Any remaining reservations for the holiday season instantly evaporated. The moral of this story is simple: if your romantic getaway includes dinner at […]

  • Hotel Novecento, Venice, Italy

    Hotel Novecento, Venice, Italy

    I was drawn to the Hotel Novecento by the photos of its beautiful rooms when I searched online for lodging in Venice, Italy. While we stayed there, I was impressed by their attentive but unobtrusive service. The Italian Air Traffic Controllers called a strike the day that we were to arrive in Venice. Once our […]