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Why We Got a nüCamp TAB 400 Boondock

I dreamed of touring with a teardrop trailer…

I actually planned out a route that would take me through the US. It felt like a wonderful plan and I was looking forward to the day that I could make it … Read the rest

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Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes

Brooks Addiction Walkers – ready for flight to Italy in 2019

I love my Brooks Addiction Walker shoes. I started with Brooks running shoes nearly 20 years ago.  Then after foot Read the rest

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Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Our Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard is one of the handiest things that we’ve ever used.

We’ve kept our grocery list in Google Keep as long as I can remember.  It’s great to be able to share a list and … Read the rest

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Can something this small and easy improve your life?

Goldilocks steps

The secret to improving your life is finding a small step you can actually do.

A journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one’s feet

Lao Tzu

While we all know this is true, we often have … Read the rest


Absolutely No One Can Save You From Yourself

We don’t need no stinkin’ salvation…

In times of crisis we often look for salvation. When you believe you can’t save yourself, you look for someone or something outside yourself for hope.

In a pandemic we look for a medical … Read the rest

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Better Than Sex
Dessert Restaurant

I ran across an interesting dessert-and-drinks restaurant in Orlando a couple of weeks ago while roaming the internet. It’s called Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant!

We made reservations for that Friday night.

That Friday afternoon, I received a text asking … Read the rest

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One of The Best Reasons
to Avoid I-95
and Take A1A

Google maps and Waze will both default to I-95 if you’re traveling north from Daytona, or south from Jacksonville. We’re going to tell you one of the best reasons to avoid I-95 and take A1A instead.

It’s Hidden Gem #22, … Read the rest

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Nic & Luc’s Scratch Kitchen – Longwood, FL

Sometimes you stumble on a great place right in your own backyard and then wonder how you’ve missed it all this time.

Nic & Luc’s Scratch Kitchen was like that for us.

Awesome food, great people.

We were hungry for … Read the rest

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Michael’s Restaurant
St. Augustine, Florida

Roses in vase at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine

It was time to visit Michael’s Restaurant in our quest for a romantic getaway in St. Augustine, Florida. This highly rated restaurant is a favorite of couples looking for a romantic dinner.

We were ready to put it to the … Read the rest

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Collage Restaurant
St. Augustine, Florida

Back in November we made dinner reservations at Collage Restaurant for our New Year’s trip to St. Augustine. In mid-December, Collage had once again appeared on the Trip Advisor Top 100 List. Any remaining reservations for the holiday season instantly … Read the rest