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  • Our New RV Rig

    How we found our perfect new RV rig

    Buying our new RV rig was kind of like answering the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

    brown hen near white egg on nest
    Photo by Alison Burrell on

    When you’re buying a new RV rig or upgrading your current rig you need to match the two biggest parts — your tow vehicle and your trailer.… Read the rest

  • Cara Mia!

    The Airstream of our Dreams

    The day we picked up Cara Mia, the Airstream of our dreams!

    Everyone’s path to the perfect RV is different. Here’s how we came to own Cara Mia, the Airstream of our dreams.

    In late 2020, we bought a teardrop camper we named Tibby and had a great time in her over the next few months.… Read the rest

  • Why We Got a nüCamp TAB 400 Boondock

    NuCamp TAB 400

    I dreamed of touring with a teardrop trailer…

    I actually planned out a route that would take me through the US. It felt like a wonderful plan and I was looking forward to the day that I could make it happen.… Read the rest

  • Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes

    Brooks Addiction Walkers – ready for flight to Italy in 2019

    I love my Brooks Addiction Walker shoes. I started with Brooks running shoes nearly 20 years ago.  Then after foot surgery in 2008, I added Brooks Addiction Walkers to my closet.

  • Better Than Sex
    Dessert Restaurant

    I ran across an interesting dessert-and-drinks restaurant in Orlando a couple of weeks ago while roaming the internet. It’s called Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant!

    We made reservations for that Friday night.

    That Friday afternoon, I received a text asking me to confirm…

    Please confirm your reservation for Better Than Sex Orlando tonight by texting Ohh Yeah!!!!Read the rest

  • Florida Christmas 2019

    Christmas 2019

    It was a sunny Christmas day of 2019 in Central Florida after several days of cloudy, rainy weather. We took a walk in the morning sunshine around our neighborhood.

    This video was all shot with the DJI Osmo Pocket in 4k D-Cinelike using a PolarPro ND16 filter.… Read the rest

  • Winter Park Farmers’ Market – Winter Park, FL

    One of our favorite places to spend a romantic Saturday morning is the Winter Park Farmers’ Market. It’s a positively wonderful way to start the weekend.

    Last Saturday morning, we packed up our market basket and a couple of hats and headed out.… Read the rest

  • Exploring the Medici at the Galleria and Uffizi

    We were up bright and early this morning for another The Tour Guy tour, this time for exploring the Medici at the Galleria and Uffizi. If we were lucky, we’d find some gelato too!

    Adriel and Susan ready for exploring the Medici at the Galleria and Uffizi

    I was a bit apprehensive leading up to this, given our exhaustion level after the Venice tour.… Read the rest

  • Delightful Train Ride to Florence

    Today we enjoyed a delightful train ride to Florence. It was even better than we’d imagined.

    However, we’ve been so busy, and since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I will just post photos with captions.

    Ticket kiosks at the Venice train station
    Train station in Venice
    Train at the station in Venice, Italy
    Our train for our two hour ride to Florence
    Empty train seat with view out the window
    The train was so smooth, it hardly felt as though we were moving
    Lunch on the train with proscuitto and cheese
    We enjoyed a tuna salad with a meat and cheese plate in the dining car…going ‘light’
    Pasta with red sauce
    We were about to ask for the check when the server brought us pasta ‘on me’…so much for ‘going light’
    Adriel drinking capucchino on a delightful train ride to Florence
    Cappuccino after lunch

    Trenitalia turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.… Read the rest

  • We Wander Around and Explore Venice

    Join us as we wander around and explore Venice! After finally getting our feet on Venetian ground, we rested a bit and then took to the alleys and back streets.

    The many tiny shops were so fascinating in their variety.

    Shop with Venetian masks
    One of the many Carnivale mask shops
    White and red Venetian mask
    Steampunk Venetian masks
    They even have Steampunk masks!
    Read the rest