Cara Mia!

The Airstream of our Dreams

The day we picked up Cara Mia, the Airstream of our dreams!

Everyone’s path to the perfect RV is different. Here’s how we came to own Cara Mia, the Airstream of our dreams.

In late 2020, we bought a teardrop camper we named Tibby and had a great time in her over the next few months. It didn’t take too long before we realized we needed a larger rig to camp the way we wanted.

We sold her within two days of listing and, in the process, made two new friends. Tibby has been all over Central Florida in the last 11 months. Her new owners graciously keep us posted on their adventures.

We immediately submitted an order for a 2021 Airstream Globetrotter 27 FBT (front bed twin). There are many reasons why we decided this is the Airstream of our dreams.

Why Cara Mia is the Airstream of our dreams

We love the interior design. We chose the dark walnut with Dublin slate interior because we love the warm, rich colors. It turned out to look even better in real life plus the darker cushions are easy to keep clean.

We love the twin beds. This layout has more storage than the queen and it keeps the center of the trailer open from front to back. We have plenty of room to get dressed. And, the storage is easy to access without lifting the mattress.

We love fitting into almost all RV sites. The 27-foot model gives us a lot of interior space but it’s well within the limits of most RV parks. Plus, the specifications matched our choice of a Ford Expedition with HD towing package.

The galley

We love the Globetrotter esthetic. The European influence of the interior design on the cabinets, rounded corners, sinks and faucets, and all the fixtures feels great every time we open the door.

And the delivery date is?

Our dealer found a unit already in production that matched our choices. We started making plans with the delivery date around the end of July. As we all know, the boom in RV sales combined with supply chain issues made delivery dates more of a guessing game.

Sure enough, late July turned into late August, then late September. We finally took delivery on the 11th of November. When she arrived, she was a 2022 model which almost made it worth the wait.

Hitched up, ready to roll

Our first journey was to a local RV park where we camped until mid-December. It was a great way to go through all the systems. We learned a lot about our Airstream worked. And we worked through the list of things to change to make it exactly the way we want. (More about that later…)

We’ve had questions about why we named her Cara Mia. The Italian phrase for “My darling” became part of our life the moment we first met. Cara Mia is a perfect fit for the next chapter in our lives.

Our home away from home

It’s all that we had hoped for and more. We look forward to heading out on journeys soon and will be sure to share our adventures!

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