…and why we sold our nüCamp TAB 400

Tibby the teardrop at night

We really loved Tibby.
And it was time to let her go.

Susan and Adriel loving Tibby
Happy campers in Tibby

In a previous post, we wrote about why we bought a nüCamp TAB 400 teardrop trailer. Now, less than a year later, we realized that we needed to let her go.

It wasn’t a mistake, it was an experiment.

Because neither of us had ever owned an RV before a tear drop trailer was a great way to explore whether or not we even liked RVing. We didn’t just like it, we loved it! When it came time to leave for home we always wanted to stay, we never wanted to leave our Tibby!

The experiment was a success. As a result, we know that we want to camp a lot, for longer periods, and further from home.

This led to a sad realization.

While we enjoyed camping in Tibby, she simply wasn’t going to provide the level of comfort and space that we need for where we are heading.

The tanks couldn’t support the type of boondocking that we want to experience. And she simply couldn’t hold all that we need for a couple of months on the road.

Some may say that we just need to cut back and simplify. But, at our age, there are certain things that are essential for a minimum level of comfort.

We looked around Tibby and felt profound sadness at letting her go.

The first question was — should we sell or trade-in our trailer. We checked with a couple of dealers and the trade-ins offered were not even close to what we needed. It was time to see what we could get if we sold her ourselves.

For Sale: nüCamp TAB 400

Checking used trailers online helped set the price. We had lots of pictures to go with a nice description and we made sure to include all the extras we’d added. We posted the listing in RV Trader. Within a couple of hours, we had a few nibbles from across the US.

The next morning as we finished our coffee, someone living only four miles from us got in touch.

They wanted to see her that day!

We were still at a beautiful campsite an hour and a half from home. We looked at each other with wide-awake eyes.

Whoa! We’ve got to go get her ready!

We broke camp and two hours later we were at home cleaning and prepping her to meet her potential new owners.

NuCamp TAB 400
Tibby cleaned and polished, ready to go!

The next day a super nice couple came by and fell in love with her, just as we had. Of course, they wanted to know why we were selling our lovely nüCamp Tab 400.

It turned out that years ago they were full-time RVers and now wanted to get back to weekend camping. They understood exactly why we got her and why we were moving on.

Two weeks later with all the paperwork complete, we handed over the keys and watched as they drove away with Tibby in tow.

We’ve stayed in touch and are happy to hear they’ve been exploring and having a wonderful time.

In the meantime…

We’re spending the summer months doing some much-needed home repairs and maintenance. We’re making lists of all the things we need for the new rig while keeping tabs on shifting delivery times.

But, we sure do miss camping and we’ll always hold Tibby the teardrop trailer in a special place for all the great experiences she gave us.

As for our new rig…

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