Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes

Brooks Addiction Walkers – ready for flight to Italy in 2019

I love my Brooks Addiction Walker shoes. I started with Brooks running shoes nearly 20 years ago.  Then after foot surgery in 2008, I added Brooks Addiction Walkers to my closet.

Last year, I had concerns about the possibility of our trip to Europe being ruined by a sprained ankle, given all the uneven surfaces that I knew we’d be covering.  Having Ehlers-Danlos, my tendons don’t hold things in place as well as they should, leading to weak ankles.  However, everything turned out great.

Not only did these shoes stabilize my ankles and provide great support for my legs, hips, and back, but when the tour of Venice’s St Mark’s Square took us through two inches of floodwater, my feet stayed totally dry.

I doubt that I could have handled the 13,000 steps that we walked each of several days with any other shoes. Not only are they my ‘go-to’ travel shoes, but my all-around everyday shoes as well.

A couple of years ago, I tried another brand out of curiosity.  After a bad fall and ensuing physical therapy, I now only wear Brooks Addiction Walkers.

Last winter, I learned that Brooks has updated the design for the first time
in over a decade…the new style is a bit more stylish, but still provides the
stability that I need.

I’m so happy! The best of both worlds – function and fashion.

By the way, if you’re looking for the original Brooks Addiction Walkers, they’re still available here.  

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