Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Our Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard is one of the handiest things that we’ve ever used.

We’ve kept our grocery list in Google Keep as long as I can remember.  It’s great to be able to share a list and update it from our phones should one of us notice something that’s run out.

Then, in the grocery store, one of us would take out our phone, and we’d check things off as they were placed into the cart.  Sometimes, we’d see things that we hadn’t thought of and toss them into the cart as we went by. 

All that changed

Since Covid-19 hit in early 2020, we aren’t going to the store in person anymore, making spur-of-the-moment shopping impossible.  Grocery shopping now involves pulling up the Instacart app or Amazon’s Whole Foods site and checking off things in Google Keep as they are added to the order.

We have discovered pretty quickly that meal planning is mandatory now that we are shopping once a week via an app…no more, ‘Honey, we don’t have such-and-such…can you stop by the store on your way home from work?’  Getting that grocery list right the first time is essential…and we found that careful meal planning is an important first step.

We decided that being able to plan and follow it would be easier with a list on the front of the fridge, both as a planner, and as a reminder. Not only does it help us plan, but no more, ‘What’s for supper’?…and ‘I dunno, let’s see what we have…’

We just needed something that attached to the front of the fridge.

We shopped on the internet for something that would look nice on the fridge, wouldn’t fall when the door was shut and kept the pens/eraser nearby. 

The solution

The perfect solution for us was the Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard Sheet.  It has four magnetic and vibrant markers, each with a small eraser on the cap, as well as a full magnetic eraser.  Everything hangs around on the fridge door together, and so far, none have fallen when closing the door. 

Amazon reviewers give it five stars with 2,089 ratings (as of today). Per the listing, it can be erased to 100% its original white color 40 days after first writing only using the included eraser. Having had whiteboards over the years that degraded over time, this sounded great to me. They have three sizes; we opted for the smallest one (17 x 11) as it did the job for us. One of the best things for me is the fact that the pens and eraser are all magnetic, so I’m not feeling around on the top of the fridge when I need them. They’re right there next to the whiteboard.

And it works great!…

Each Sunday, before creating the grocery list, we erase the previous week’s menu and discuss what sounds good for the week.  Once we’ve filled it out, a quick update on the Google Keep list has us ready to start on the Instacart or Whole Foods order.

Person writing on a Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

If, during the week, we decide to switch something up, it’s easily erased and replaced.

It’s worked out beautifully.  I was so impressed, I sent one to my daughter.

If you’ve tried this whiteboard, please let us know your experience in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think.

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