Michael’s Restaurant
St. Augustine, Florida

Roses in vase at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine

It was time to visit Michael’s Restaurant in our quest for a romantic getaway in St. Augustine, Florida. This highly rated restaurant is a favorite of couples looking for a romantic dinner.

We were ready to put it to the test. As we’d been to Collage the night before, the bar had been set pretty high.

Well, we were kind of ready to put it to the test.

The truth is lunch was more filling than expected so we were not extremely hungry. But we definitely wanted to get a sampling of what Michael’s had to offer.

The three-course Chef Experience was the perfect solution.

Chef Experience description from menu at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine

The idea behind the Chef Experience is that you put yourself in the chef’s hands… no idea what will be served. We were excited.

The meal started with an aperitif of sparkling white wine with Marcona almonds and black and green olives. The sweetness of the wine complimented the olive and almonds’ salty flavor.

Sparkling white wine with marcona almonds and green and black olives at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine
Adriel toasting wine at Michael's Restaurant, St Augustine

The first course was a seared Nantucket diver scallop in phyllo served by the chef, himself. He explained the preparation in detail. A sauvignon blanc was served with it.

Seared Nantucket scallop at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine

The second course was a tender ribeye sharing the plate with locally grown Peruvian fingerling potatoes in a chimchurri sauce. All rested on a thick delicious bourdelais. Once again, it was served personally by the chef.

Adriel opted for the Austin Hope Cabernet, while I enjoyed an Archery Summit Pinot Noir from Dundee Hills, Oregon.

Steak and fingerling potatoes at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine

Dessert consisted of both a heavenly chocolate ganache tart and a goat cheesecake topped with grilled pineapple. A perfectly-paired Croft Reserve port completed the course.

Dessert at Michael's Restaurant - St Augustine

Of course, cappuccino was also served with dessert.

Cappuccino at Michael's Restaurant, - St Augustine

The check arrived in a cigar box!

So, did Michael’s Restaurant measure up after being blown away the previous evening at Collage?

The Chef Experience was totally worth it, far exceeding our expectations. Both of us agreed that it was at the top of our list of great restaurant memories.

We will definitely return the next time we’re in St. Augustine, perhaps to enjoy the five-course Chef Experience!

The Details:

Michael’s Restaurant, 25 Cuna Street St. Augustine, FL 32084

Website: http://michaelssa.com/

Hours: Monday – Closed
Tuesday-Thursday – 5–10PM
Friday & Saturday – 5–10:30PM
Sunday – 5–10PM

Reservations: Heartily recommended on weekends/holidays.

Parking: As with most of downtown St. Augustine, locate the nearest parking garage.

Noise Level: Varies room to room. Corner tables may be quieter, as should be the outdoor seating area.

Payment: Credit Cards accepted.

Insider’s Tip: Come with an appetite and order the Chef’s Experience. It’s amazing!

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