Month: October 2019

  • Lufthansa 747-400 Business Class

    Lufthansa 747-400 Business Class

    Here we are…Lufthansa 747-400 Business Class. Lufthansa tempted us one too many times with an upgrade surcharge that kept decreasing with time…once it became silly cheap, upgrading was a no-brainer. The personal seating space is generous. The reading light was a surprise, as it’s just over your shoulder. The seat reclines much like our reclining […]

  • The Club

    The Club

    Lufthansa tempted us one too many times. Pay a bit and upgrade to Business Class….then their next offer was ridiculously low and we bit. The chance to sleep in a totally flat bed for this nine hour flight was too much to pass up. So we’re flying Business Class. Which gets us into The Club […]

  • Nooo!!! Not that!

    Nooo!!! Not that!

    We woke up this morning to an email from Lufthansa notifying us that our Frankfurt to Venice had been cancelled and we were on a waiting list for another flight. After a call to Lufthansa, I found that we  actually have seats on a flight a few hours later that day.  Unfortunately, daughter and her […]

  • Why Venice and Florence?

    Why Venice and Florence?

    About two years ago, we were watching a TV series by Waldemar Januszczak, a British art critique, about Renaissance art. Around that time, we also viewed a mini-series about the Medici family in Florence. We were engrossed, and started fantasizing our exploring Florence, it’s art, and history. We knew that we had to go. Later, […]

  • OMG!! It’s tomorrow!

    OMG!!  It’s tomorrow!

    After more than thirty years since I left there, over ten years of dreaming-planning, and two years of serious planning, we leave for Italy tomorrow! Late night (read that ‘red eye’) flight from Orlando to Frankfurt, and little two hour flight to Venice, and we’ll be there…the land of gondolas, pasta, Carnivale, and my favorite […]

  • The First Adventure

    The First Adventure

    Our first adventure was a weekend trip to Cocoa Beach. We’d only known each other a few months and had never met in person. Susan was coming to Florida to visit an old friend and decided to come a day or two early. It was a magical weekend and only the first of many. We […]