Golden View Open Bar at the Ponte Vecchio

The bartender at the Hotel della Signoria gladly shared ideas on where to find good food in Florence. Dinner at the Golden View Open Bar topped his list.

We found the restaurant a short walk from the hotel, just over the Ponte Vecchio. We requested a table where we could enjoy the view of the Arno River. It was spectacular.

The food was a different style from what we’d enjoyed in Venice, but just as delicious.

Vegetable Soup or Zuppa de Verdure at the Golden View Open Bar
Vegetable Soup, or Zuppa de Verdure was tasty and not overcooked
Truffle Bruschetta
Truffle Bruschetta…our introduction to Florentine truffles. Delicious!
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Cream Sauce at the Golden View Open Bar
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Cream Sauce…tender nuggets of pumpkin and potato with a light flavorful white sauce topped by crunchy minced pistachios
Canard Duck Breast with Vegetables at the Golden View Open Bar
Canard Duck Breast with Vegetables
Creme Brulee at the Golden View Open Bar
Creme Brulee as it’s meant to be…crusty sweetness enveloping dense creamy filling

The restaurant was quiet and service attentive. A visit to the restrooms brought laughter from each of us in turn. The area was a mini-art gallery with various statues on display.

The Golden View Open Bar was a wonderful introduction to Florence.

We were now ready for our tour the next morning.

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