Delightful Train Ride to Florence

Today we enjoyed a delightful train ride to Florence. It was even better than we’d imagined.

However, we’ve been so busy, and since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I will just post photos with captions.

Ticket kiosks at the Venice train station
Train station in Venice
Train at the station in Venice, Italy
Our train for our two hour ride to Florence
Empty train seat with view out the window
The train was so smooth, it hardly felt as though we were moving
Lunch on the train with proscuitto and cheese
We enjoyed a tuna salad with a meat and cheese plate in the dining car…going ‘light’
Pasta with red sauce
We were about to ask for the check when the server brought us pasta ‘on me’…so much for ‘going light’
Adriel drinking capucchino on a delightful train ride to Florence
Cappuccino after lunch

Trenitalia turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Decades-old memories of crowded standing-room-only Italian trains were vanquished.

We arrived in Florence to cool steady drizzle. Google maps said that our hotel was fairly close to the train station, but we were cold and wet before we found it.

Conversely, checking into the Hotel Della Signoria was quick and painless. We were ready for hot showers and some down time.

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