Glass Blowing and Vivaldi All in One Day

What a day it was…we experienced glass blowing and Vivaldi all in one day!

We started the day taking a water taxi to Murano, the Venetian island where glass blowing magic happens.

Man holding red hot molten glass on a long pole demonstrating glass blowing in Murano, Italy
It starts as a molten blob…
Man with glass horse on the island of Murano, a product of glass blowing in Murano, Italy
And is magically transformed into a horse

We wandered for a bit on Murano, dipping into a lovely garden cafe for spritzes and pizza.

Italian architecture on the island of Murano
Interesting architecture on Murano

Then it was time for a water taxi back to the San Marco area and power naps before our big night out.

Wake behind water taxi in the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
View of Venice with public water taxi on the Grand Canal
Venetian building
Building with gold leaf painting in Venice Italy

(Adriel) Here’s a video of Murano and the water taxi trip home.

Adriel’s son, Seth, had found a highly rated restaurant on Trip Advisor that we all had to try. Great sightseeing on the way… followed by more delicious food.

Duck ragu in Venetian restaurant
Duck ragu
Tiramisu in Venetian restaurant

We finished the day with a wonderful Vivaldi concert in an old church that had awesome acoustics. Photos were forbidden, but here’s the brochure.

Orchestra of violin players who play Vivaldi music

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  1. Wow. It’s 20 degrees here in Colorado with 7 inches of snow on the way tonight. So I am just going to pretend that I’m on a water taxi in Venice heading straight for an ocean full of that tira misu instead.

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