Ristorante La Feluca, Venice, Italy

Though it was after eight o’clock by the time we checked into Hotel Novecento, and nearly 20 hours since we’d left home, we were starving and decided to go find food. Ristorante La Feluca was a great choice.

The hotelkeeper recommended and pointed out La Feluca on a map. After wandering down several alleys and through numerous squares (or ‘campos’), we located the restaurant.

It has a cozy, almost intimate, dining room. The lighting is low, and though tables are close, there’s a sense of privacy. The wait staff is attentive but not obtrusive.

Lasagna Bolognese for Adriel

A plate of Lasagna Bolognese at Ristorante La Feluca, Venice, Italy

Pappardelle con Funghi for Susan

A plate of Pappardelle con Funghi at Ristorante La Feluca, Venice, Italy

…and the most delicious molten chocolate tart for dessert. The thing that was so interesting about it was that it wasn’t very sweet. It was a most compatible marriage of the best chocolate you can find and sweet creamy butter…all inside a slightly crunchy tart.

Chocolate tart with whipped cream at Ristorante La Feluca, Venice, Italy

It was a huge fail that we didn’t get a photo of the creamy chocolatey river that poured out once we cut into it. We were so busy lapping it up, making orgasmic food sounds, that it didn’t occur to us until much later. Sometimes you’ve just gotta ‘go with the flow’!

We highly recommend Ristorante La Feluca in Venice, Italy.

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