We arrived in Bellissima Venezia…Finally!

We arrived in Bellissima Venezia…Finally! After all that waiting in Frankfurt, we were in Venice.

No immigration processing in Venice, since we’d done it in Frankfurt (the Polizei who processed me explained that once you’re in the EU, you’re good). Our one checked suitcase was on the carousel as we arrived, and our driver stood holding a sign with our name on it. He drove us a short way to our water taxi.

What an experience! A smallish boat with wood trim, an enclosed, glassed-in cabin, with a roofless sofa area in the rear.

Interior of a Venetian water taxi at night
Adriel sitting in the roofless rear of a water taxi
Relaxing after traveling for so long…

After a choppy ride through the lagoon, the boat slowed as we entered the Grand Canal, and we stood for the rest of the ride.

View of the Grand Canal from a water taxi at night
View of large gray mansion on the Grand Canal from a water taxi at night

We rode past busy al fresco restaurants…

Outdoor restaurant at night on the Grand Canal, Venice
Gotta eat at one of these while here

And then, just before the dock leading to our hotel…

View of St Mark's Square from the Grand Canal at night

What a truly spectacular welcome to our stay in Venice! 

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