Lufthansa 747-400 Business Class

Here we are…Lufthansa 747-400 Business Class. Lufthansa tempted us one too many times with an upgrade surcharge that kept decreasing with time…once it became silly cheap, upgrading was a no-brainer.

The personal seating space is generous.

I’d bought a bottle of water to bring onto the flight, but they’d provided one also…so we had lots of water.

The reading light was a surprise, as it’s just over your shoulder.

The seat reclines much like our reclining love seat at home does…nice! You can raise your legs, engage lumbar support, and lower the back.

I tried out the different settings…..legs extended…

Leg rest fully raised

And then found that if I raised my legs and lowered the back enough, I could lie totally flat.

Great little goody bag

And some nice sparkling wine before takeoff

Then it was time to put my seat in the upright locked position and get ready to take off.

An hour or so after takeoff, the flight attendant brought the dinner menu…

Dinner was delightful. Farro salad followed by scallops with risotto or steak.

Before dinner farro salad
Sea scallops and black risotto with buerre blanc
Steak and horseradish and chive whipped potatoes

An hour or so after dinner, the flight attendants lowered the lighting so that folks could sleep.

I got four hours of sleep lying down, but it didn’t work for Adriel and unfortunately, he didn’t rest as much.

Somehow, we were actually hungry when breakfast came a couple of hours before landing. Breakfast was delicious.

Cheesy scrambled eggs, fruit salad, smoked salmon with cream cheese and German bread….and of course, the requisite croissant.

Time to land in Frankfurt! On to the next phase of our adventure!

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