Month: October 2019

  • Exploring the Medici at the Galleria and Uffizi

    We were up bright and early this morning for another The Tour Guy tour, this time for exploring the Medici at the Galleria and Uffizi. If we were lucky, we’d find some gelato too!

    Adriel and Susan ready for exploring the Medici at the Galleria and Uffizi

    I was a bit apprehensive leading up to this, given our exhaustion level after the Venice tour.… Read the rest

  • Golden View Open Bar at the Ponte Vecchio

    The bartender at the Hotel della Signoria gladly shared ideas on where to find good food in Florence. Dinner at the Golden View Open Bar topped his list.

    We found the restaurant a short walk from the hotel, just over the Ponte Vecchio.… Read the rest

  • Delightful Train Ride to Florence

    Today we enjoyed a delightful train ride to Florence. It was even better than we’d imagined.

    However, we’ve been so busy, and since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I will just post photos with captions.

    Ticket kiosks at the Venice train station
    Train station in Venice
    Train at the station in Venice, Italy
    Our train for our two hour ride to Florence
    Empty train seat with view out the window
    The train was so smooth, it hardly felt as though we were moving
    Lunch on the train with proscuitto and cheese
    We enjoyed a tuna salad with a meat and cheese plate in the dining car…going ‘light’
    Pasta with red sauce
    We were about to ask for the check when the server brought us pasta ‘on me’…so much for ‘going light’
    Adriel drinking capucchino on a delightful train ride to Florence
    Cappuccino after lunch

    Trenitalia turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.… Read the rest

  • St. Mark’s, Doge’s Palace and a Gondola Ride!

    Our The Tour Guy tour of St. Mark’s, the Doge’s Palace and a Gondola Ride was early, so we were up early and out the door by 9:00.

    On our way to meet the tour at St. Mark’s square, Adriel noticed that water was starting to seep up from the concrete grates.… Read the rest

  • Glass Blowing and Vivaldi All in One Day

    What a day it was…we experienced glass blowing and Vivaldi all in one day!

    We started the day taking a water taxi to Murano, the Venetian island where glass blowing magic happens.

    Man holding red hot molten glass on a long pole demonstrating glass blowing in Murano, Italy
    It starts as a molten blob…
    Man with glass horse on the island of Murano, a product of glass blowing in Murano, Italy
    And is magically transformed into a horse

    We wandered for a bit on Murano, dipping into a lovely garden cafe for spritzes and pizza.… Read the rest

  • We Wander Around and Explore Venice

    Join us as we wander around and explore Venice! After finally getting our feet on Venetian ground, we rested a bit and then took to the alleys and back streets.

    The many tiny shops were so fascinating in their variety.

    Shop with Venetian masks
    One of the many Carnivale mask shops
    White and red Venetian mask
    Steampunk Venetian masks
    They even have Steampunk masks!
    Read the rest

  • The Prettiest Bathroom in Venice

    We found what we think may be the prettiest bathroom in Venice. After wandering around the San Marco area of Venice for a bit, we headed to Saint Mark’s Square. After finding seats at one of the cafes in the square, we sat down to enjoy some cappuccino and gelato.… Read the rest

  • Ristorante La Feluca, Venice, Italy

    Though it was after eight o’clock by the time we checked into Hotel Novecento, and nearly 20 hours since we’d left home, we were starving and decided to go find food. Ristorante La Feluca was a great choice.

    The hotelkeeper recommended and pointed out La Feluca on a map.… Read the rest

  • We arrived in Bellissima Venezia…Finally!

    We arrived in Bellissima Venezia…Finally! After all that waiting in Frankfurt, we were in Venice.

    No immigration processing in Venice, since we’d done it in Frankfurt (the Polizei who processed me explained that once you’re in the EU, you’re good). Our one checked suitcase was on the carousel as we arrived, and our driver stood holding a sign with our name on it.… Read the rest

  • A Seat on the Flight to Venice… Or Not

    We thought that we had a seat on the flight from Frankfurt to Venice.

    Before we left Florida, when we learned that our flight from Frankfurt to Venice had been canceled, I immediately called Lufthansa. I was assured that we had a seat on the 4:00 flight to Venice today.… Read the rest